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Complete Rascal development kit with 4 GB memory card and power supply

The Rascal is a small, open-source computer designed for connecting sensors, motors, and whatever else you can build to the internet. It's about 5 cm x 10 cm (2 inches by 4 inches).

The fourth production batch of Rascals is now up for sale. These are the second run of hardware version 1.3, which is nearly identical to version 1.2, but some of the capacitor footprints were modified slightly to prevent solder bridging. These Rascals ship with the new Cooties software release.
Now 50% off, until this batch is gone!

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Precision voltage shield

The precision voltage shield is an 8-channel analog-to-digital converter that plugs into Arduinos, Rascals, and anything else with Arduino headers.

The hardware is reasonably well-tested, but software to run the shield is still in beta development. At present, the shield can measure 8 channels at 735 Hz when plugged into an Arduino Uno loaded with the beta software.

The first batch of shields was assembled with 14-bit A/D converters (the Analog Devices AD7607), meaning that the resolution is 0.6 mV, which is better than most commercial multimeters. The next batch will likely be assembled with 16-bit converters (the Analog Devices AD7606). The price is the same for both versions.

More details about the development of the shield software and its specifications can be found in the Arduino analog voltage shield blog post.

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PCB only for Precision Voltage Shield

Just the PCB for the Precision Voltage Shield. You'll have to do the soldering yourself. Most of the components are surface mount, which makes it hard, but not impossible, to solder by hand.


Note that assembled shields are also available in the store.

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